Welcome to the product reservation page! Here you can find information on upcoming items from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates that can be ordered through our store, along with a description of the process.

The Reserve Process

1. Check below for a listing of items currently up for reserve. Clicking each image will take you to a blog post with details about that series. Reservations through our store begin at the same time as other Baby, the Stars Shine Bright stores.

2. The basic schedule for most reserve series is as follows:

Leading up to day 1: Some accessory items can often be reserved in advance. See each series blog post for details.
Day 1-3: Reservations for in-store pickup only, instant confirmation of many products on a first-come, first-served basis with full up-front payment.
After day 3, no further reservations are taken until after Japanese web site reservations begin.
The day after Japanese web site reservations begin, we can take reservations for any products still available for either shipping or pickup.

Note that this is a general guideline; please see each series blog post as some have a modified schedule.

An important scheduling note: Except in special circumstances, we take reservations only while our store is open. That means reservations begin at 1PM ET on the date specified, and emails sent on Monday night or Tuesday will be handled on Wednesday. Keep in mind there is a 13 or 14 hour time difference between us and Japan, so orders for items marked as "email only" on the Japanese web site will not be seen by the head office until sometime overnight. We consequently send these orders in one batch at the end of the day.

3. Orders can be paid via invoice, or in some cases ordered directly through our web site. For the former, please email us your order at Please include your shipping location and email address where you would like to receive the invoice. Note that we are transitioning to allowing you to place your reserve orders directly through our site, so some series will have this enabled, allowing you to skip step 4.

4. Wait for us to send you a confirmation and/or invoice. Note that if paying by PayPal, we do require a confirmed PayPal address for domestic shipments. Please make sure you have confirmed your address with PayPal and selected the correct shipping address before sending payment.

5. We will notify you once we receive your item(s), and they are either ready for pickup or being prepared for shipment to you. This could be a couple of weeks after the Japanese release. We unfortunately have no direct control over this, although we always make an effort to receive items as fast as we can. We want you to have them as quickly as possible! Please keep in mind that you are ordering from our store and not the Japanese web site - you will receive your items once we receive them in our regular shipments.


* Once you have okayed the total price, no cancellations are permitted. Cancellation after this point or failure to pay within 3 days after your reservation is confirmed will result in the loss of privilege to reserve items at either our or other Baby, the Stars Shine Bright stores, or on BSSB's Japanese web site.

* Do not place a reserve order if you need it by a specific date. With reserve orders, release dates are not guaranteed, and we receive our store stock a bit after the Japanese release. Please order from our store stock if you would like an item for a specific date - we carry many products in our store. By reserving, you are agreeing to wait for your order until we receive it in full.

* In the event that two people order the same item(s), orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please watch your inbox and/or spam box for our replies!

* Online reservations can end at any time. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright generally does not have a pre-defined ending time for online reservations. Reservations end once items are no longer available, or once items are released.

The main advantage to reserving is that you have a better chance of getting the exact item(s) and colorway(s) you want, since we do not receive every item for regular store stock. This is especially true of first-day in-store reservations, where we know our allocation in advance and can often immediately confirm your order.

Items Available for Reserve
Click the links for more info on each series. Note that not all items in each series may still be available.

Welcome to Château de Nounours
Reservations begin August 17th
Expected release in mid - late September

Château de Nounours ~Angel’s secret winery~
Reservations for store pickup accepted August 10th - 14th
Reservations for shipment accepted starting August 16th
Expected release in late August - early September

Usakumya pochette
To order via our web site, please click the link above
Reservations began August 4th
Expected release in November (second production run)

Fondant Chocolat Nounours Collection
Reservations for store pickup accepted August 4th - 6th
Reservations for shipment accepted from August 9th
Expected release in late August/September

Maria de la Croix
To order via our web site, please click here
Reservations began August 3rd
Expected release in late August/September

Filomena/Étoile Filante
To order via our web site, please click here
Reservations began August 3rd
Expected release in September

Regimental carousel
Store pickup reservations accepted 7/14 - 7/16
Reservations for shipment accepted from 7/19
Expected release in early August

Pomme rouge ~ Rabbit and squirrel apple forest ~
Store pickup reservations accepted 7/7 - 7/9
Reservations for shipment accepted from 7/12
Expected release in mid-late July

Robert's Closet
Reservations began June 29th
Expected release in mid - late August

Mary's Mysterious Holiday
Reservations began June 29th
Expected release in mid - late August

Some items can be reserved directly through our web site below - however, if you don't see something below, please click the series banner above for more information, and contact us if you'd like to order.