~Weekly Coordinates ~ September 15 2017

Welcome to this week's coordinate post! These coordinates were chosen by our shop staff Petrina! You can find these products in our store or online!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

B40HC301 Midori Fukasawa × La robe bleu royal - $780
B41OT029 My Dear Baby rosette - $40
B41HA931 St. Cathedral ~Oath of the Rosary~ ribbon comb - $36
B41AC024 Fragrant Rose Memories necklace - $94

B41OJ213 Kumya Chan's Kira Kira ☆ Milky Way jumper skirt I - $266
B41HA944 Twinkle twinkle Princess head bow with veil - $104
B41BG810 Ribbon Heart Bag - $152
B41UK896 Usakumya pass case pouch - $34