Weekly Coordinates! June 08 2017

Welcome to this week's coordinate post! These coordinates were chosen by our shop staff Petrina and Laurel!
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Alice and the Pirates

P13CD102 FORTUNE TELLER cardigan - $94
P12BL446 Sacred dream's Lucianna blouse - $142
P13SK507 Alice and the Labyrinth of the Clockwork World skirt -$152
P12AC098 Patchwork Apples necklace - $66

P13CS703 Marine Logo Border Cutsew - $82
P11PT631 ALICE’s nostalgic time travel pants -$142
P13HA910 Lucid Ribbon Hair Band - $28
P12OH916 A Snowy Christmas Eve Mysterious Gift Present Ribbon beret - $114
P12BG808 A/P mini trunk bag - $190

P12JS230 Swan's feather jumper skirt - $304
P13BL408 Anastasia Butterfly Collar Blouse - $160
P13PN504 Long lace petticoat - $160
P13HA911 Rosary round head dress style head bow - $60
P12AC028 Devil horns clip - $76
P12BG819 A/P Coffin style pochette - $152

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