Reservations for "Mihara Mitsukazu × ALICE and the PIRATES Prince Kokoro Gymnasium" start January 6th! ★ January 07 2017

★ We'll begin accepting reservations for Alice and the Pirates' "Mihara Mitsukazu × ALICE and the PIRATES Prince Kokoro Gymnasium" series starting January 6th! ★

Please view the reservation policy here before ordering. Note, however that this series can be ordered directly through our web site.

The reservation schedule is as follows:
Mihara Mitsukazu × ALICE and the PIRATES "Prince Kokoro Gymnasium"

Reservations officially accepted January 6th 1PM ET to January 22nd 8PM ET
subject to availability.

~ Expected release in late February - early March 2017 ~
Please visit our store, email or call us at 212-460-9100 if you have any questions prior to ordering, or if you'd prefer to order in person or by email.

Items newly up for reserve (prices do not include tax):

Please click each image for more information or to order.

P13HC303 "Prince Kokoro Gymnasium" Capelet Jacket (build-to-order) - $256

P13HC603 "Prince Kokoro Gymnasium" Short Pants with Garters (build-to-order) - $152

P13HC403 "Prince Kokoro Gymnasium" Jabot Blouse (build-to-order) - $172

P13HC005 "Prince Kokoro Gymnasium" Frill Collar (build-to-order) - $132

P13OT006 ribbon charm I - $32

P13OT007 ribbon charm II - $34

P13OT008 ribbon charm III - $32

P13SC801 "Afternoon nap Gymnasium" Overknee socks - $30

P13SC802 "Night out Gymnasium" Overknee socks - $30

Please feel free to ask us any questions about these items that you might have prior to ordering.

We hope to hear from you soon~ !