Reservations for "Ginger Doll dress set / Milk tea dress set" begin July 29th! July 25 2016

★ We will begin accepting reservations for Alice and the Pirates'
"Ginger Doll dress set / Milk tea dress sets" starting July 29th! ★

Please view the reservation policy here before ordering.

For this series, we need to check on availability for each item at the time of order - please inquire. If you are interested in reserving please let us know as soon as possible, even before the official start date. This is an extremely popular series so letting us know right away will increase your chances of getting your desired items.

Please visit our store, email or call us at 212-460-9100.

~ Expected release for first production in late September - early October ~
~ Expected release for second production in early March ~

Please note that we will need to ask the head office which production run each order will be part of. If you only want your items if they are in the first run, please specify this in your initial email.

Items newly up for reserve (prices do not include tax):

Please click each image for more information from the Japanese web site.

P12OP342 Ginger Doll dress set - $624

P12OP343 Milk tea dress set - $832


Please feel free to ask us any questions about these items that you might have prior to ordering. We hope to hear from you soon~!