New lower prices online and in store! January 02 2017


We wanted to update our customers on some recent changes - especially when it benefits you!  As you probably know, all of our stock is imported directly from Japan and consequently can cost more or less depending on the exchange rate. Over the past few months the yen has weakened significantly against the dollar. This has allowed us to reduce many of our prices from where they were just a couple of weeks ago!

You will see the new pricing both in store and online. These are not sale prices - we have simply lowered our regular prices! Those who reserved items that have now been reduced in price while still on reserve will also get refunds for the difference, so you are not penalized for reserving early.

Please note that this reduction does not apply to our limited, build-to-order items, which have always been priced at a discount (in fact, still a better rate than our reduced prices).

We hope this reduction allows you to buy even more!

Happy Shopping!