New summer shipment, including items from "Kumya Chan's Kira Kira ☆ Milky Way"! June 15 2017

We've just received a new batch of items at our store!

Our newest series items include the "Kumya Chan's Kira Kira ☆ Milky Way" and restocked items from "Alice and the Labyrinth of the Clockwork World" series! We now have many different styles of dresses, blouses, skirts and more. 

We received lots of lightweight blouses that are perfect for summer weather like the Chiffon half-length sleeve blouseKira Kira ☆ Milky Way Blouse and Short sleeve baby doll blouse -  they come in lots of cute colors for all sorts of coordinates!  For something unique try the Floret Lace Bolero.

This shipment also includes shoes! For a youthful summer style we have the Baby’s Sweet Drops sandals and more mature styles we have the Heart Milky Way pumps.

For those who love boystyle we also received the Little Prince Papillon Salopette Pants and Little Prince Papillon round Blouse

Last, we have lots of new Usakumya and Kumakumya items to add to your collection. Choose from the Usakumya's face Bag or the Kuma kumya rucksack mini!

These are just a sampling of all the new items now available in store and online, so visit us today or catch our New Arrivals page for all the new products!