All new Happy Packs are here! September 24 2016

We've just received a brand new shipment of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's Happy Packs!

These special sets include dresses from the "Ex libris the DOLLS" series or "Princess Honey's Tea Salon" series, as well as coordinating accessories. They will be available in our store and online while supplies last!

Here is a preview of what you might get:

Ex libris the DOLLS One piece Set includes:
♦ One piece dress (color will be random)
♦ hair accessory
♦ socks

Princess Honey's Tea Salon Jumper Skirt Set includes:
♦ Princess Honey's Tea Salon Pattern Jumper Skirt (Brown)
♦ a hair accessory
♦ socks
♦ knit cardigan

Please note that the exact items you receive cannot be chosen - but you will be guaranteed to receive all of the items listed above. Even we don't know exactly what's in each pack! 

These Happy Packs are priced at $150 - $180, but have an original value of over $350! As always with Happy Packs, these are extremely limited in quantity and are not eligible for further discounts or our point card system. LIMIT 1 PACK PER CUSTOMER.

Sale schedule will be as follows:

In-store: September 24th at 1pm
Online: September 26th at 1pm (if supplies last)
Come visit us this weekend for the best chance to pick up one of these packs!

Thanks always for your patronage!
We hope to hear from you soon~!