A new shipment has arrived including "Pomme rouge~Rabbit and Squirrel Apple Forest" and more! August 07 2017

We've just received a new batch of items at our store for August!

Our newest series items include the "Pomme rouge~Rabbit and Squirrel Apple Forest" and "Sweet Cherries Cafe Girl" series from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! We have many different styles of dresses, blouses, skirts and more. 

From Alice and the Pirates, new items include the "Elise Tricolor" and "Regimental carousel" series!

We received lots of accessories ranging from headbows to jewelry like the Pomme rouge mini hat and the Pomme rouge ring. Lots of cherry theme accessories can match our newest "Pomme rouge~Rabbit and Squirrel Apple Forest" series above! Also a lot of classical sweet Lolita items like "Rosalie rose head dress" are easy to match with any outfit!


This shipment also includes bags! The most popular item "Usakumya rucksack" is back in stock! Also we have restocked the elegant and sweet "BABY wallet bag" for your cute girly outfit,

These are just a sampling of all the new items now available in store and online, so visit us today or catch our New Arrivals page for all the new products!