A new shipment has arrived including "Marie Antoinette", "The Wizarding platform" and more~! March 26 2016

A brand new shipment of items has arrived at our store, only weeks after our last shipment! 


Among the many items we've received since our last restock include both jumperskirt styles from the recent series, "Marie Antoinette", and from the "Easter Bunny's Spring Garden" series, we've received limited stock of the jumperskirts and a gorgeous corolla. Pastel cardigans and gorgeous accessories have also arrive in-store, and they're perfect for the changing weather. Other items that were recently stocked include many bags and shoes in new styles.


We've also received the magical series, "The Wizarding platform"! We now carry the skirts, both jumperskirt styles, the one piece dress, and cardigans from the series.


Please visit our store to check out all the new items while they're still here, or shop online~!