Brand new Arrivals with the "Pastoral in the Green Grass" series, the "Labyrinth Collection Room" series and more~! December 16 2015

A brand new shipment of items has just arrived to our store!

We have many new items from series such as the "Pastoral of the Green Grass" series and the "Labyrinth Collection Room" series!


Among the many jumperskirts and dresses, we've received the "Labyrinth Collection Room" series in two different styles, as well as matching tights  for the series. Another gorgeous dress we've recently received is the Horoscope's stardust jumper skirt! Now that winter has finally come, keep your head warm and look adorable in our soft Colette fur beret.

We've also received many cute accessories and jewelry! We've restocked some versatile head bows and hair ties as well! Gift your loved one Lace up ribbon ring or the Milk crown ring for the Holidays! 
Please visit our store to check out all the new items while they're still here, or check our New Arrivals page to shop online!