A new Happy Pack Shipment has just arrived! September 12 2015

We've just received a brand new shipment of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's Happy Packs!
Each pack includes dress from your choice of the "Re · ci · pe for the endless dream" series or "Esprit de la Belle Époque à Paris" series, as well as a coordinating blouse and accessory. They will be available in our store and online while supplies last!

Here is a preview of what you might get:

Each set includes:
a coordinating blouse
a hair accessory

*The possible included Jumperskirts are B39OJ204/205 (from the series Esprit de la Belle Époque à Paris) or B39OJ209/210 (from the series Re ci pe for the endless dream)

Please note that the exact items you receive cannot be chosen - but you will be guaranteed to receive all of the items listed above. Even we don't know exactly what's in each pack! 

These Happy Packs are priced at $180 but have an original value of over $400! As always with Happy Packs, these are extremely limited in quantity and are not eligible for further discounts or our point card system, however you can still receive a novelty ring!
Stop by our store or buy one online now!

Thanks always for your patronage!
We hope to hear from you soon~!