Reservations for "ALICE in the starry sky Wonderland" begin September 11th! September 10 2015

★ We'll begin accepting reservations for  Baby the Stars Shine Bright's
"ALICE in the starry sky Wonderland" series starting September 11th! ★

Please view the reservation policy here before ordering. 

The reservation schedule is as follows:
September 11th - September 13th: In store, and email reservations will be accepted for store pickup only
September 16th: Email reservations for store pickup and shipping begin
September 17th: Phone reservations store pickup and shipping begin

Once our guaranteed stock is gone reservations can be made only based on availability.

Please visit our store, email or call us at 212-460-9100.

~ Expected release in October ~

Items newly up for reserve (prices do not include tax):

Please click each image for more information from the Japanese web site.

B39JS246 White rabbit’s HEART TRUMP jumperskirt - $338

B39BL452 White rabbit’s HEART TRUMP round & round ribbon blouse - $148

B39BL451 ALICE in the starry sky Wonderland diamond blouse - $188

B39HA992 White rabbit’s bunny ears head bow - $56

B39OP350 Alice’s HEART TRUMP one piece dress - $248

B39OT068 Alice’s HEART TRUMP apron - $168

B39SC857 HEART TRUMP over knee socks - $22

B39BL464 Horoscope Dot blouse - $148

B39CP359 Star kitten cape - $148

B39JS253 Star kitten jumper skirt - $238

B39JS248 Horoscope’s stardust jumper skirt - $238

B39JS252 Witch Horoscope jumper skirt - $248

B39HD903 Star kitten’s kitten ears head bow - $36

B39SC855 Kitty and Kitty over knee socks - $24

B39PA716 Star kitten parka - $118

B39PO717 Stardust Fantasia pullover - $96

B39AC060 HEART TRUMP necklace - $90

B39AC061 HEART TRUMP bracelet - $70

B39AC062 HEART TRUMP barrette $50

B39AC063 HEART TRUMP ring - $40

Please feel free to ask us any questions about these items that you might have prior to ordering. We hope to hear from you soon~!