Baby, the Stars Shine Bright fashion show at Waku Waku +NYC! September 07 2015

New York City is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is proud to have showcased the latest looks of Lolita Fashion this past weekend at Waku Waku!

In case you missed the fashion show, we have the full report!

Designer Masumi Kano, Harajuku main shop manager Rin, President Akinori Isobe, and KERA model Yura came to NYC to share some of the newest upcoming series with us! The show was filled with a wide array of coordinates from the newest and most anticipated collections.

Many models displayed matching ensembles, such as these Milky Rain Train coordinates- truly a display of elegance and intrigue!

The Sleeping Forest Beauty~Pop ♥ ︎up Labyrinth~ series made it's debut here in New York City, even before being revealed in Japan! These items are available now for reserve.

Guest model Yura of KERA, pictured here with BABY President Akinori Isobe, is wearing the limited Princess Henrietta Ball Gown one piece and canotier SET, a special set available for reserve exclusively through the Harajuku flagship store and international stores like us at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright NYC! This beautiful set is made-to-order and will not be available for sale outside of reservation, so don't miss out! It's only available for a few more weeks!

Featured here is a coordinate from the Sheherazade ~ One Thousand and One Nights ~ series, which we now have available at our store! 

Harajuku flagship store manager Rin poses here with mascot Usakumya! Rin modeled pieces from the latest reservation series just announced- ALICE in the starry Sky Wonderland!
Please watch our blog for our upcoming info about this series!

Many of these items are available now through reservation, or will be soon! Please watch our Reservations Page for announcements about these new collections!

Starting this Wednesday, we'll be playing video highlights from the show exclusively in our store!

Special thanks to Waku Waku +NYC for hosting the show, and thanks to everyone who attended!