An update on the "Papillonnage en éclats" series! April 24 2015

Those of you who were unable to secure items in the upcoming "Papillonnage en éclats" before they sold out, fret not! The head office has decided to re-open reservations for certain items on a made-to-order basis. This second production run will be released in September.

RESERVE PERIOD: APRIL 24-29 (ends at 8PM ET)

The items being re-opened are:

・B39JS223 Papillonnage en éclats Dance Jumper skirt - $400 - all colorways
・B39BL429 Papillonnage en éclats Blouse - $148 - Off-white, Kinari (beige) * limited number available
・B39HA939 Papillonnage en éclats Head Bow with Veil - $90 - Off-white only
・B39HA954 Papillonnage en éclats Rose Bouquet Comb - $60 -Pinkish, Bluish
・B39OT046 Papillonnage en éclats Rosette - $48 - all colorways

Please see our earlier series blog post and email us if you're interested in ordering any of these items.