~Weekly Coordinates~ February 16 2015

Welcome to this week's coordinate post! These coordinates were chosen by our staff Kitsy and Tara! You can find these products in our store or online.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

B38OJ236 Salon de thé Minette Créme Jumper Skirt - $356
B39BL407 Carolyne Blouse - $150

B39OJ203 Fairy Topialium ~ Promise in the Forest of Trifolium~ Arvense jumper skirt
- $290
B39BL401 Fairy Topialium Blouse - $204

B39JS201 Fairy Cargen Trifolium Jumper Skirt (Wings of the Fairy Set)
- $464
B39BL407 Carolyne Blouse - $150

Alice and the Pirates

P11JS201 Diana chiffon Jumper Skirt
- $226
P11BL404 Crown Blouse - $194

P11BL406 Diamond pattern princess sleeve Blouse
- $204
P11OJ201 Alice’s automaton clock Orchestra Jumper Skirt I - $268

We look forward to seeing you soon!