Tea Party Event with Akira first report! November 24 2014

Yesterday we held our Tea Party event with special guest, Japanese model and singer AKIRA! Since we had such a high demand we were able to have two Tea Parties over the course of the day! Lots of fashionable guests were dressed in a variety of styles including Lolita, Ouji, Punk and Gothic fashions.

During the party AKIRA started out by serving tea to our guests and then singing her hit song "Aoki Tsuki Michite", the ending theme from Black Butler: Book of Circus! Then as our guests enjoyed snacks and desserts AKIRA went around to meet and talk with everyone.

We also had a brief Q&A session where guests could ask AKIRA questions and she talked openly on different topics. AKIRA even began asking the guests questions as well! The party ended with single and group photos taken with AKIRA and an autograph session.

We hope everyone enjoyed the event yesterday and thank you for coming! We will be uploading more photos from both tea parties soon (including photos of AKIRA's kabe-don)! For everyone who attended, we'll be sending the group and your individual photos to you directly as well.