AKIRA weekend - Saturday info! November 20 2014

This is a quick update for those of you planning to visit our store Saturday for AKIRA's in-store shop staff appearance. Here are some further details:

What it is: Model and vocalist AKIRA will be behind our store counter working as shop staff! She will be wrapping and bagging your purchases and signing autographed cards for those making a purchase. She will also be selling a very limited number of copies of her own book! (We think she'll probably have no problem autographing these if you like as well.)

When it is: Saturday November 22 from 5-7PM.

Price: Free, but we can only guarantee a personal greeting if making a purchase. We will do our best to accommodate those not making purchases after we've satisfied customers making purchases.

Notes: We will be open for regular business from 1-4PM, then closed from 4-5PM to prepare for AKIRA's appearance. We ask that you not line up outside our store until at least 4PM. If you do line up, please keep doorways and other public accessways clear. We will be controlling access to our store from 5-7PM to maintain a safe environment; there may be a bit of a wait to get in. Those making purchases will get priority, so if not making a purchase it may be better to come a little later.

Due to time constraints, we will be limiting access to our changing room during the event. No photos are permitted during this event, and we ask that you be respectful of those behind you in line and not linger after making your purchase or greeting AKIRA. We want everyone to have the chance to meet her.

We thank you for your cooperation!