AKIRA's in-store appearance details for next weekend! November 13 2014

We're now ready to announce more details about AKIRA's in-store appearance and events next weekend! Here is the general schedule:

Saturday 11/22 5-7PM - AKIRA will be behind our store counter working as shop staff! With each purchase, AKIRA will wrap your items and include an autographed card! Free to attend, however at this event our standard no photos rule remains in effect, and we cannot guarantee access to AKIRA without a purchase.

Note that we will be open from 1-4PM, then closed from 4-5 to prepare for AKIRA's in-store appearance. We ask that anyone wishing to meet AKIRA line up outside no earlier than 4PM. Note also that those making a purchase will have priority - if you're not making a purchase, you will need to wait until the line clears (and we can't guarantee that it will clear before 7PM). More details in a separate blog post here.

Sunday 11/23 2-4PM *and 5-7PM!* - AKIRA tea party at our store! This event will include snacks and beverages, as well as a Q&A session with AKIRA, individual and group photos and a special performance with AKIRA singing her song "Aoki Tsuki Michite", the ending theme from Black Butler: Book of Circus! All attendees will also receive an autographed card.

We've added a second tea party from 5-7PM to satisfy demand! Tickets are now sold out, however we are looking for a few volunteers from the early party to switch to the late party. The late party is less crowded so you will have a more personal experience if you switch. Please contact us if you'd like to switch.

Note that this is a combined Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Tokyo Rebel event - please only submit one request, as we are pooling our available tickets. Requesting from both stores will not increase your chances.

We hope to see you there!