✵Weekly Coordinates✵ November 07 2014

Welcome to this week's coordinate post! This week's coordinates were chosen by our staff Kitsy! You can find these products in our store or online.
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

B38BL433 Ribbon Party Blouse - $178
B38OJ231 Kuma Kumya’s Royal Kingdom Jumper Skirt II - $288
B38BG818 Fantasy Wonderland Pochette - $248
B38SH886 Alicia T Strappy Shoes - $148 (available in store only)

Alice and the Pirates

P10OP307 Holiday Of The Hulim Hulum Brass Band One Piece Dress - $278
P10HA948 A/P Crown Print Beret - $64
P10SH882 Marini Wooden Sole Shoes - $182 (available in store only)
We look forward to seeing you soon!