Many new products in stock today! August 06 2014

We've just received our first shipment of new products since opening day! Our store is now practically overflowing with new items - we're still in the process of checking it all in and putting it out for sale, and some of our racks are now overstuffed! Come visit us while it's all still here! If you're going to Otakon this weekend, there's no better time for a new coordinate.

We've received many new series items with this shipment including some Gulty Meltin' Sweets Town items! We expect these to go fast. We've also received more Sister Maria's Humming Birds, Sonnet for Juliet~ Love potion with the Romantic Irony, and much more!

Many new accessories are in stock including the umbrellas that so many of you have been asking for. We only have a limited quantity and we do expect them to sell fast.

We'll be posting these items to our web site on Friday - until then we invite you to visit our store to see and purchase them!