Store opening photos! July 20 2014

Yesterday's store opening was a whirlwind - we knew it'd be a busy day, but turnout was far larger than even we expected. Thanks to everyone for coming and making it a hugely successful opening! We know it was a long wait for some of you and we know our store did get a little warm late in the day (it's amazing what body heat can do), so we thank everyone for bearing with us. Everyone seemed happy despite the wait, and we hope that was the case.

We took a few photos of both the pre-opening party and of the line waiting to get in:

Here's the combined shop staff - Tara and Kitsy from Tokyo Rebel, pictured alongside the newest members of the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright team, Karen and Tia!

These were the early arrivals to our pre-opening party. Tokyo Rebel and BSSB each sold half the tickets. A few attendees arrived late, so we had a few more people by the end. (A total of 25 tickets were sold.)

Custom printed macarons with our store logos! These are from Bisous Ciao, right around the corner from our store.

Cupcakes! These are from Sweet Buttons Desserts, right around the other corner. We have a lot of neat food places near us!

Our table spread, which also included finger sandwiches from Tea & Sympathy, a famously authentic British tea shop in the west village.

This was the line to the store right around 1PM.

And this was it at about 4PM - it actually got longer! By this point it was wrapping around the block, and the line itself was attracting a lot of attention within the neighborhood. We were working as fast as we could to complete purchases, but people were coming faster than we could ring them up! The east coast Lolita community is bigger than a lot of people think!

If you didn't want to brave the line yesterday, come on down today - we're open and there is no waiting!

NEW YORK, NY 10002
Open 1-8PM every day except Tuesday

 We hope to see you soon!