A brand new shipment has just arrived, including the "Rose Drop Sky Muse" series and more~! June 03 2016

A brand new shipment of items has arrived at our store!!


Some of the popular items we've restocked recently include the jumper skirts from the "Kira ☆ Kira Parfait" series! The bright colors and fruit themes are so cute. We've also restocked the "Little dreaming sailor" series! The cut and colorways of this series is perfect for the hot summer days by the sea.

We've received lovely new short sleeve blouses as well, including the "Marissa blouse" and the soft and lightweight "Clarie Chiffon blouse"! New items we've received include items from the "Rose Drop Sky Muse" series! Wear the "Muse ~ tears of poetry - jumper skirt" to an upcoming fancy tea party!


We've received the popular "Usakumya rucksack" in new Off-white x saxe blue and Off-white x pink, as well as restocked it in Off-white x red gingham! We've also received a lot of new accessories~!


Please visit our store to check out all the new items while they're still here, or shop online~!