Our May shipment is here, including items from "Little Royal Icing~My little princess~" and more! May 15 2016

A brand new shipment of items has just arrived to our store!

We have many new items from series such as the "Little Royal Icing~My little princess~" series and the "Little dreaming sailor~Small adventure in the garret~" series!

If you're a fan of classic styles, the Ribbon ribbon gelato sun dress and the Shirring princess jumper skirt are perfect additions to your wardrobe. For more opulent looks, we also received the Spring Garden one piece and the Garden Flower jumperskirt!

We also received sailor-themed items like "Little dreaming sailor~Small adventure in the garret~" series! The A/P tricolor jumperskirt is very nautical and comes in three different colorways.

Please visit our store to check out all the new items while they're still here, or check our New Arrivals page to shop online!